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    HOPE SQUAD at Destin High School, Florida


    We are partnering UNITED FOR A GOOD CAUSE to bring you the Hope Squad program at Destin High School in Florida.

    United For A Good Cause is a 501c3 organization that promotes the SPIRIT OF SERVICE, GIVING, UNITY and RESILIENCY while instilling HOPE among the youth.

    Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program. Hope Squad members are nominated by their classmates as trustworthy peers and trained by advisors. The program reduces youth suicide through education, training, and peer intervention.

    END-Child Marriages Program in Zimbabwe


    We are partnering with the American & African Youth Leadership Foundation (AAYLF) to save vulnerable girls from poverty by ending the risk of child marriage.

    We believe that no girl should be robbed of her childhood, health, education and aspirations.


    AAYLF funds orphans and at-risk girls from the poorest sections of Zimbabwe so that they can attend school.


    The program covers all the costs including tuition, books, transportation, nutritious meals, and in some cases, provide housing so that the girls can escape child marriages and further their education.

    Our Foundation is sponsoring a girl and providing supplies under this program.

    Various Scholarship Funds

    Pending - We are working on Scholarship Pools for vulnerable kids who are not able to participate in after school events due to poverty.

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