• Board of Directors

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    President - Louis Zunguze

    Vice President - Pimissa Zunguze

    Secretary - Roselee Mathu

    Marketing/ Operations - Lee Zunguze

    CEO/ Finance - Sabina Zunguze


    In Memoriam~

    The Tatissa Zunguze Foundation mourns the death of one of its Board members.

     It is with deep regret that we announce the death of our son, brother and Board Member, Tallane Louis Zunguze, who passed away on May 24, 2022. Tallane (popularly known as Coach Z) served as a Board member since the Foundation’s inception in 2017. Throughout his tenure, as a Board member, Tallane upheld the Foundation’s values of trust, caring, accountability, and commitment to excellence. We are especially thankful for his outstanding passion, leadership and wisdom he exuded for the Foundation’s work towards suicide prevention and youth empowerment.

    Tallane was also a well-respected leader in the youth basketball community in the Salt Lake City area. He served as the founder and president of the Utah Youth Thunder Basketball Club since 2012 until his passing. He leaves a legacy of incredible sports acumen, strategy formulation skills, and passion for basketball excellence, recognized by all his fellow colleagues who came to know him for his warm and inquisitive nature and creative thinking.

    We are forever grateful for his invaluable contributions to the Tatissa Zunguze Foundation and the Salt Lake City area youth basketball community. He will be sorely missed by his family and all who had the pleasure and privilege to know him.

    To honor his legacy, The Tatissa Zunguze Foundation has set up a special fund to promote and enhance youth empowerment and leadership programs – causes that were dear to his heart.

  • Our Vision


    We envision a world in which every young man and woman is equipped with the tools necessary to understand, express, and seek support for themselves and others. A world free from the social stigmas surrounding mental health, with a complete understanding of its effects. We envision a world in which suicide attempts are eliminated because depression and diversity issues are detected and addressed at an early onset.


    The Mission/Purpose of our Foundation is:


    1. To raise awareness of suicide so that no young adult has to suffer in silence but to seek and find help.


    2. To continue the work that our beloved Tatissa saw as lacking, which is social justice.


    We have come together as Tatissa’s family and friends to honor this sweet soul who was always present to help and take on any task that was laid in front of her no matter how tough.


    Please join us in whatever capacity you can to make this world a better place for young adults.



    Our strategic areas of Focus include:



    ● Speaking Engagements - Share experiences as survivors on behalf of the foundation at different venues

    ● Awareness - Raising awareness through

    i. activities (eg marches/walks, literature distribution/dissemination and volunteering)

    ii. advising about:

    (a) Dangers of today’s society

    (b) Look for signs, and

    (c) Share coping tools.

    ● Advocacy - Lobbying activities for Suicide Prevention at local, state and federal levels.




    ● Empowerment activities through:

    (a) Building and Accepting Self-esteem (Self-worth)

    (b) Finding one's purpose in life

    (c) Leadership development

    (d) Good academic standing and academic achievement

    (e) Sports and other inclusionary activities

    3. Fundraising:

    ● Foundation activities through:

    Sell of products, Events, Donations, Raffles, Grants


    4. ​Partnerships and Capacity Building:

    ● Collaborating with other organizations to achieve our mission

    ● Training for Foundation members in issues pertaining to suicide prevention and social justice



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